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NeoVictoria's Journal

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  2012.09.10  11.35

Last night I started the task of cleaning out my Vintage/Antique books and sewing patterns. I made it through 1 shelf.

I am offering quite a few books and ORIGINAL patterns from the 1870s-1880s for sale. I am asking below what they sell for on ebay. I have them listed in my ETSY SHOP.

I am willing to give a 10% discount if you would like to skip etsy and just use paypal. Items are shipped within 48 hrs of receipt of payment.

Feel free to ask any questions!


  2012.09.08  10.01
Steamy Antler Bustle

one of a kind fringed bustle! <3

See it on etsy!


  2011.12.30  14.55
New Years Free Shipping Coupon Code!

Happy New Year!
Free shipping within the US (and some Canada, please inquire) with coupon code FREESHIPNEWYEAR2012 Free shipping available on all items (including rugs!) except Furniture (for obvious reasons). Sale ends 1.1.12 at 11:59pm EST Feel free to ask questions!

Check it all out here!


  2011.11.29  15.58

I am having a little sale on all my clothing in my etsy shop. FREE SHIPPING on all clothing with coupon code
at checkout! (Please do not use the code on furniture or rugs!)

Sale will run until 12/2/11 10am EST

Feel free to ask any questions!

Check it all out here!



  2011.11.27  21.09

Cyber Monday Sale! 12am-12pm EST use coupon code CyberMonday2011 for 11% off of your total before shipping!

Check it all out here!



  2011.11.18  15.43
New Ornaments Listed!

Hello, all! Christmas is coming up fast, and I'm adding new ornaments to my Flights of Industry shop on Etsy as quickly as I can! The latest "widget" is shown above. I need to add more submarines, but there are several rockets and airships. Thanks, and Happy Shopping!




  2011.11.16  20.00
Steamy Plaid Bustle Skirt

Gorgeous Steampunk Bustle skirt!

You can see it on my etsy page!

Mood: creative

  2011.10.21  11.22
Antique Silk Victorian Log Cabin Quilt for sale!

See it on etsy!


  2011.10.21  10.30
Steamy Asymmetrical Plaid Bustle Skirt

This gorgeous bustle overskirt is made of blue and black plaid fabric that has a wonderful drape, and is accented with black fringe.

You can see it on my etsy page!


  2011.09.19  16.44
Bustle Skirt

Last week I designed a Bustle skirt.I used one of the vintage fabrics I've been holding onto for awhile. The color is a really nice lilac.

You can see details in my etsy listing.

Steampunk Victorian Bustle


Steampunk Victorian Bustle Skirt


  2011.04.05  15.46
Victorians and Edwardians on the Move

I am so ready for a trip this spring :

(may be purchased here - http://crimsonbooksinc.storesecured.com/items/book-publishers/shire/victorian/the-victorians-and-edwardians-on-the-move-john-hannavy-shisli620-detail.htm )



The Victorians and Edwardians on the Move – John Hannavy

 “When the railways were introduced, scare stories suggested that traveling to fast in trains would cause breathing difficulties – a speed of 30 mph was even suggested as the maximum the human frame could withstand!”

           On the Move is John Hannavy’s fifth book examining the daily lives of Victorians and Edwardians by studying the photos and postcards they left behind. It shares the same charm and affection for its subjects its predecessors.


Read more...Collapse )


  2011.02.21  10.33
got steampunk?


  2011.02.05  00.55

eBay: Find RATSCALLION SCULPTURE steampunk artisan freak taxidermy in the Art , Direct from the Artist , Sculpture Carvings category on eBay.


  2010.12.21  13.47

NO HUMAN INTENTIONS Store wide sale now through 12/25. 100% one of a kind steampunk items!


  2010.12.08  09.07

I cannot put up a tree this year (again) because of my young Maine Coon who is very enthusiastic and likes to climb, but I have been stowing away ideas for when I can do so again.   I thought this article was particularly wonderful :



  2010.12.02  23.43
20% off sale at MoiraCoon's Shinies

Take 20% off all items in BOTH my Etsy and ArtFire shops through Monday, December 6th with coupon code LJDEC2010


Interested in my work, but can’t justify spending money on yourself during the holidays? In my ArtFire shop, you can add my pieces to your Amazon Wish List by clicking the “Add To Amazon Wish List” link along the left side of each item screen to let friends and family know what you’re wishing for!


  2010.12.02  06.41




  2010.10.04  03.03
Next weeekend in NYC Steampunk

Come dressed your best,have fun and take photos.

NYCC / NYCAF Steampunk 101




Steampunk 101
Curious about steampunk? Want to learn more about the genre that is
rapidly becoming the next big subculture trend? Then come join author
and noted steampunk expert G. D. Falksen as he leads a panel
discussing all things steampunk. This panel will cover the basics of
the steampunk genre, its development as a subculture and fashion
trend, and will also explore current developments in steampunk
literature, fashion and related topics.

On the panel
*G. D. Falksen (http://www.gdfalksen.com/)
*Jeni Hellum concept artist for AIR: Steampunk (http://www.airsteampunk.com/) and head of the theatrical troupe the IAPS (http://www.iapssteam.com/)
*Evelyn Kriete (http://www.steampunktales.com/)
*Ana Aesthetic (http://anaaesthetic.com/)
*John F Strangeway (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Steampunk-Boba-Fett/114966695214990)
*Matt Silva (http://www.getdreadful.com/ and http://www.whitestonemotionpictures.com/)

Then Friday,Saturday & Sunday all sorts of Steampunk contests,photos, giveaways and free things are going on here at the Orbit Books booth (http://www.orbitbooks.net/)

info under the cut Collapse )

NYCC & NYAF Steampunk meet up Saturday 7pm At the Orbit Books booth (http://www.orbitbooks.net/) at

Use this to help you plan your weekend:


  2010.09.20  09.52
StrowlerCon in Boston 8-10 October

Calling all Strowlers!

""Aligned with steampunk and other chronology-bending movements, strowlers focus on alternative forms of performance art, such as music, juggling, poi spinning, dancing, drumming, circus arts and ropework. Strowlers are also into craft, calling themselves "makers". ."
— Urban Dictionary

The first ever StrowlerCon will be held in Boston 8-10 October 2010.

More information and tickets are available HERE

Day passes are now available for only $25!

For a 15% discount, enter the code:  SWC15 at checkout!

(Hotel rooms are still available and can be booked through THIS LINK)



  2010.09.10  12.59
This Saturday in philly

Are you going to be there?


This saturday is Dorians Parlor

Fast flyer


Mood: awake

  2010.07.30  04.14
This Saturday have fun , get on TV, play in Brooklyn

The Lost Circus
Details & RSVP:http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
Sat, July 31, 11:59pm-4am,

The Circus is said to have started in ancient Egypt when the court entertainers of an immortal Pharaoh escaped their slavery under a midnight moon. They have traveled the globe for centuries, gathering talent from every great empire as the empire itself begins to crumble: Istanbul, Saint Petersburg, London, Berlin...and now they have made it across the sea.

At the stroke of midnight, discover a circus long lost. With music from times gone by or times that never were: dark string fusion by Brooklyn's own Copal and bohemian cabaret in 13 languages by Vagabond Opera - our special guests from Portland, OR. And announcing our secret guest: circus composer Sxip Shirey, on his last night before he leaves NYC.

The circus unfolds to the bands and in between: mind-bending contortion by Jonathan Nosan, aerial dance by Madeline Hoak; tribal fusion bellydance by Lauren Robbiani and special guest Rio; fire & gorgeousness by Ali Luminescent; gypsy fortunetelling by Kai Altair; an original installation & performance by artist (and Minsky Sister) Kristen Rhea van Liew. Kinetically sculptural poem of bondage, beauty, and light by The Baroness. Beautiful costumed creatures perform feats of fire in the courtyard. Dusty circus visuals set the mood. DJ sophybot fascinates your ears with a renegade circus tent soundtrack. With your ever-dapper host, steampunk author G.D. Falksen . Fanciful body artistry by AMBodyArt. Photo-op custom art installation with works by Molly Crabapple and Kathleen Green.

There will be a film crew from France shooting a Doc for French TV at this event so it is a chance to get on TV as well.

Dress code (required): dark cabaret, traveling circus, steampunk, Victorian, Edward Gorey,City of Lost Children.

FB: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=141792552504061&ref=mf

Details & RSVP:http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html

So who will I see at this?

Mood: awake

  2010.07.23  16.26
The Great Exhibitions

While still with us today, the truly great exhibitions were in the 19th century :

(may be purchased here : http://crimsonbooksinc.storesecured.com/items/book-publishers/shire/art/great-exhibitions-from-the-crystal-palace-to-the-dome-trevor-may-srpsli495-detail.htm )


 “On 1 May, over half a million people crowded into Hyde Park, London, as Queen Victoria drove by in a carriage to the recently erected Crystal Palace…The Great Exhibition, said Benjamin Disraeli, leader of the Protectionist Wing of the Conservative Party, was ‘a godsend to the Government…diverting public attention from their blunders.’”


Read more...Collapse )

 “…it is an interesting thought that, in architectural terms, one of the significant spin-offs from the Crystal Palace is the shopping mall…”


  2010.07.16  01.58
This July 24th

This will be one of the venders at the July 24ths http://www.doriansparlor.com/ , Yes its going to be good.

Look who is going to be one of the venders


Mood: accomplished

  2010.07.06  08.03


A couple of months ago I asked if anyone would be interested in my bustle cages. Many of you suggested I set up an Etsy shop. I took your advice. It is up and running as of this morning. The only item I currently have up is the bustle cage but I plan to add bustle pads, short bustle cages, chemises and petticoats. Please go have a look: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lookingbackclothier

Thank you,


  2010.06.23  10.23
The Victorian Fern Craze

I really loved this book, and it led me to the Garfield Park Conservatory, which has one of the last public fern gardens from the era (A special note of interest to my fellow Chicagoans : One of the last public, Victorian-era, fern rooms in the United States – and certainly the grandest – is within the Garfield Park Conservatory. I highly recommend a stroll through it, and the rest of the grounds).

(can be found here :  www.crimsonbooksinc.com )

The Victorian Fern Craze – Sarah Whittingham

 “For hundreds of years ferns were regarded as magical and mysterious plants.”


Read more...Collapse )

 I am afraid I am not close to doing justice to how charming and amusing this book is, in addition to be informative. Whittingham has a light touch as a writer, and recognizes that with describing the scientific work, and studying the collectors, respect and humor go hand in hand. As is to be expected in any book that discusses the scorn in which the “Professional Fern Tout,” was held by serious botanists. 

 “Professional Fern Tout.”

 That gives me an idea for an outfit.



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